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Patrice and Al Schmitt,
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Welcome to  Prairie Star Records LLC

Prairie Star Records is a Boston-based independent record label. Launched in New Jersey in April 2012 by Patrice Jégou, Prairie Star Records is a label with a focus on Jazz, Classical Crossover, and Inspirational/Christian genres. At the heart of Prairie Star Records is the belief that artistic freedom, tempered with good business sense, is what every independent artist should strive for. That's what this label is all about.

Be sure to check out Patrice's latest album THERE'S A LIGHT, released on August 20, 2021.


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About  Patrice Jégou - Founder

Patrice Jégou's interest in a self-directed career path prompted her to establish Prairie Star Records LLC. Patrice has a background in Classical music, but doses of popular influences like jazz, gospel, and blues have always been part of her performing career. A native of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, her singing has taken her to Spain, the UK, Peru, Argentina, Italy, Mexico, the US, and, of course, Canada. Patrice holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Mason Gross School of the Arts - Rutgers University. Upon graduation, she was awarded the Irene Alm Memorial Award which is given to an outstanding graduating doctoral student for excellence in scholarly research and performance. Patrice has released three albums on her label - SPEAK LOW (2014),  IF IT AIN'T LOVE (2019), and THERE'S A LIGHT (2021).
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